Her Feature: Kamau Sisters

Hello again!! As promised, here is a double feature of the Kamau sisters. I had an absolute blast catching up and working with my cousins as they shared some of what it’s like to be a natural in Kenya, from sourcing products to daily regimens. They may be sisters but their methods couldn’t be moreContinue reading “Her Feature: Kamau Sisters”

Kamau Sisters Feature

Photography by Seth W Thuita. Hi guys!! It’s currently 28 degrees celsius as I sit out here in the very hot Nairobi sunshine, putting together a few exciting posts talking about my natural hair experiences and encounters in my Kenyan travells. As usual, I’ll be sharing a few travelling #TIPS and #TRICKS as well as a coupleContinue reading “Kamau Sisters Feature”

Hair Formula

I am beyond excited to share this months’ blog post on essentially ‘cracking your hair formula’; figuring what and why your hair does what it does. For me, this has been the jackpot of all hair tips when it comes to understanding my own natural hair. I find that as a natural, this is information has beenContinue reading “Hair Formula”