Every Naturals Secret

The natural hair movement has become somewhat of a widespread phenomenon all over the world now with afro-haired women being advocates for change as they embrace their kinky curls, which as a result has led to greater social acceptance towards wearing kinky hair in its natural state. With this change, many false perceptions of what itContinue reading “Every Naturals Secret”

Happy New Year?!!

Hey guys! I know, I know, it’s not quite a ‘New Year’ any more, but I thought I’d break the silence now that I’ve got a chance. I’m very excited about the blog this year. I’m hoping to kick start the year with some very interesting hair ‘tid-bits’ and some exclusive features that I’m over the moon about, watchContinue reading “Happy New Year?!!”

Natural bridal hair wedding series

My NATURAL Hair Wedding Journey   It’s finally here!!.. the start of the natural bridal hair wedding series.  Last year my husband and I tied the knot ^.^ and it was by far the most memorable and beautiful beginning to our adventure together.The day was even more special, having been filled with hand made trinketsContinue reading “Natural bridal hair wedding series”