Hair Formula

I am beyond excited to share this months’ blog post on essentially ‘cracking your hair formula’; figuring what and why your hair does what it does. For me, this has been the jackpot of all hair tips when it comes to understanding my own natural hair. I find that as a natural, this is information has beenContinue reading “Hair Formula”

Natural Hair..It’s the little things

 UP CLOSE …   I was quite surprised when my natural hair started coming through as I was transitioning. I absolutely had no idea what it’d look like when I began to notice how curly it was closer to the roots. Curiosity got the better of me and I didn’t want to go back toContinue reading “Natural Hair..It’s the little things”

Why CUT Natural Hair

FOR THE LOVE OF HAIR NEW LENGTH AFTER CUT I had an interesting weekend, it all started with a new hair cut. It’s so disheartening when you’re constantly plagued by those tenacious  knots and scissors are the only way out. I blame myself entirely!! I haven’t had a trim for over a year and with the condition myContinue reading “Why CUT Natural Hair”

5 tips for Transitioning Natural Hair

YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS… So it’s about that time and you’ve probably been wrestling with the idea of going natural BUT chopping off all your hair is leaving you in a cold sweat. Don’t sweat it!! here are a few tips for transitioning hair. PS: These tips aren’t the holy grail for transitioning hair, they’re simply snippets fromContinue reading “5 tips for Transitioning Natural Hair”