Washing Natural Hair

Aaah wash day!! I know that heart sinking feeling all to well. My husband never quite understood why I would assign a whole day to wash my hair until we got married, he couldn’t believe how hard natural hair can be to manage. If you share this sentiment don’t fret, I’d like to share some tips andContinue reading “Washing Natural Hair”

My 5 Key Principles on Length Retention

As promised here are details of what I’ve been doing with my hair this past year and my length check. I feel the need to put a disclaimer right here to say what I’m about to share is by no means spectacular, just a few simple tips that can go a long way. I can alreadyContinue reading “My 5 Key Principles on Length Retention”

Benefits of Apple-cyder vinagar (ACV) for natural hair

                                        APPLE CYDER VINEGAR Happy New year folks!! 2013 has been a crazy good year and a lot’s happened since my last posts. I got married in August…Yay!! and will at some point… do a wedding series!!Continue reading “Benefits of Apple-cyder vinagar (ACV) for natural hair”

Accessories- head scarves

TURBANS ‘n’ HEAD-SCARF STYLES…  I love experimenting with head scarves. It’s such a simple way to accessories and protect your hair at the same time. With winter looming around for a lot longer than expected ‘BRITISH WEATHER!!’ I’ve found that exploring different ways to protect my hair with head scarves, a fun way to occupyContinue reading “Accessories- head scarves”