Accessories- head scarves

TURBANS ‘n’ HEAD-SCARF STYLES…  I love experimenting with head scarves. It’s such a simple way to accessories and protect your hair at the same time. With winter looming around for a lot longer than expected ‘BRITISH WEATHER!!’ I’ve found that exploring different ways to protect my hair with head scarves, a fun way to occupyContinue reading “Accessories- head scarves”

Why CUT Natural Hair

FOR THE LOVE OF HAIR NEW LENGTH AFTER CUT I had an interesting weekend, it all started with a new hair cut. It’s so disheartening when you’re constantly plagued by those tenacious  knots and scissors are the only way out. I blame myself entirely!! I haven’t had a trim for over a year and with the condition myContinue reading “Why CUT Natural Hair”

5 tips for Transitioning Natural Hair

YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS… So it’s about that time and you’ve probably been wrestling with the idea of going natural BUT chopping off all your hair is leaving you in a cold sweat. Don’t sweat it!! here are a few tips for transitioning hair. PS: These tips aren’t the holy grail for transitioning hair, they’re simply snippets fromContinue reading “5 tips for Transitioning Natural Hair”