Natural bridal hair wedding series

My NATURAL Hair Wedding Journey   It’s finally here!!.. the start of the natural bridal hair wedding series.  Last year my husband and I tied the knot ^.^ and it was by far the most memorable and beautiful beginning to our adventure together.The day was even more special, having been filled with hand made trinketsContinue reading “Natural bridal hair wedding series”

Yoghurt Treatment for Natural Hair

Treatment For Natural Hair ….Yoghurt and Mayonnaise…      2 days post Yoghurt Treatment Yoghurt is great for conditioning your hair, I tend to use it as a protein treatment by mixing it with other ingredients I find in the kitchen. I know it doesn’t sound as appealing, to slather yoghurt onto you hair, but it’s really worthContinue reading “Yoghurt Treatment for Natural Hair”

Avocado Treatment for Natural hair

Protein Treatment For Natural Hair ….Avocado… Avocado is not just a healthy part of our diet but also an amazing hair treatment. There are so many benefits to avocado in general. Here are a few reasons its great for your hair. Avocado oil has a variety of proteins and vitamins that promote hair growth andContinue reading “Avocado Treatment for Natural hair”

Moisture and Natural Hair

Importance Of Moisture For Natural Hair …Protein treatments.. Hey guys!! This month I’d like to share some of the ways you can maintain moisture in natural hair. Moisture is key in the health and maintenance of those lovely locks. Some characteristics of good mosturised hair are:   good elasticity in Afro hair (if you pingContinue reading “Moisture and Natural Hair”

Benefits of Apple-cyder vinagar (ACV) for natural hair

                                        APPLE CYDER VINEGAR Happy New year folks!! 2013 has been a crazy good year and a lot’s happened since my last posts. I got married in August…Yay!! and will at some point… do a wedding series!!Continue reading “Benefits of Apple-cyder vinagar (ACV) for natural hair”

Natural Hair..It’s the little things

 UP CLOSE …   I was quite surprised when my natural hair started coming through as I was transitioning. I absolutely had no idea what it’d look like when I began to notice how curly it was closer to the roots. Curiosity got the better of me and I didn’t want to go back toContinue reading “Natural Hair..It’s the little things”