DIY Avocado Hair Mask

Spring has sprung and with it, the ‘fros’ are coming out. I’m often sceptical about having my hair out, with the frizz and detangling afterwards it always seemed to be a lot more hassle than it was worth. I can never seem to get the curl definition just right after a wash day, apart fromContinue reading “DIY Avocado Hair Mask”

Her Feature: Kamau Sisters

Hello again!! As promised, here is a double feature of the Kamau sisters. I had an absolute blast catching up and working with my cousins as they shared some of what it’s like to be a natural in Kenya, from sourcing products to daily regimens. They may be sisters but their methods couldn’t be moreContinue reading “Her Feature: Kamau Sisters”

Kamau Sisters Feature

Photography by Seth W Thuita. Hi guys!! It’s currently 28 degrees celsius as I sit out here in the very hot Nairobi sunshine, putting together a few exciting posts talking about my natural hair experiences and encounters in my Kenyan travells. As usual, I’ll be sharing a few travelling #TIPS and #TRICKS as well as a coupleContinue reading “Kamau Sisters Feature”

Hair Formula

I am beyond excited to share this months’ blog post on essentially ‘cracking your hair formula’; figuring what and why your hair does what it does. For me, this has been the jackpot of all hair tips when it comes to understanding my own natural hair. I find that as a natural, this is information has beenContinue reading “Hair Formula”

Every Naturals Secret

The natural hair movement has become somewhat of a widespread phenomenon all over the world now with afro-haired women being advocates for change as they embrace their kinky curls, which as a result has led to greater social acceptance towards wearing kinky hair in its natural state. With this change, many false perceptions of what itContinue reading “Every Naturals Secret”

Travel Diaries: Genova

Hey guys I thought I’d do a little fun segment and share my natural hair adventures while abroad as well as places I’ve been or would like to go next time I travel to the same destination. I don’t know about you, but once I went natural even travelling became a cause for concern, especially whenContinue reading “Travel Diaries: Genova”