Hey guys thanks for checking out the blog.

With having had some time away from the ‘blogoshpehere’, I wanted to get back into blogging by sharing a little more than just hair.

A lot has changed over the years. When is started FrofanaticSheila, I was a newly engaged soon to be married young woman who’d found inspiration, from amazing bloggers such as Whitney/naprutal85 and Aishas/AsIAm, to document my own natural hair journey.

It was amazing to see how the blog had such a profoundly positive impact on so many other women in their own NHJ*. I was excited, and as momentum for the blog grew, so did my own life journey as I became mum to two little ones.

Sure enough, slowly but surely blogging came to a hault. Though I missed creating content and writing posts about natural hair, life at home took precedence and I don’t regret any of it.

I came to appreciate, even more deeply the precious gift of time and the value of how this gift is utilised. Like they say, ‘you don’t get those early years back’, and I wanted to fully immerse myself and soak up every last drop of it while the little ones were still at home.

Well after much encouragement from amazing friends, family and readers the timing felt right. The children were that bit older and I found myself willingly being pulled back into blogging.

Doing so, however, wouldn’t feel authentic if I came back into this intimate space without paying homage to the transformative parts of my holistic journey while on haitus.

My faith journey has been just as crucial, if not more significant than my hair journey over the past few years.

Yes! Life happens (and it literally did for me), and so does change it’s inevitable, it’s never comfortable but it’s necessary. There have been some pretty amazing changes and really hard earth-shuttering ones to, and through it all I’ve watched God amaze me as he held me together and kept my head above the water so lovingly and tenderly. All the while shaping and moulding me, expertly making beauty from ashes. It’s been phenomenal and I’m absolutely itching to share it all.

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy the rebirth of FrofanaticSheila – faith trails and hair tales.

It’s a little different I know, but trust me there is synergy between faith and hair. No one is as full of hope and faith as a woman taking out her twist-out and hoping it’s dry…. And that is the sound of a unified consensus from natural women all over the world πŸ˜‚

Hopefully the content I share serves to motivate and inspire you in your own journey.

I hope you enjoy the blog.

*NHJ – Natural hair Journey.

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