Travel Diaries: Genova

Hey guys I thought I’d do a little fun segment and share my natural hair adventures while abroad as well as places I’ve been or would like to go next time I travel to the same destination. I don’t know about you, but once I went natural even travelling became a cause for concern, especially when travelling with just hand luggage. Taking your reliable stash of hair products might be a little tricky with the all liquid restrictions. I’ll share some of the things I found useful this time round.

I recently travelled to the beautiful city of Genova for a weekend visit to see my not so little brother. I’d planned to do and see so much but as life goes I came down with the flu instead and only managed to see a fraction of what I’d hoped, but we got to walk around the charmingly paved narrow streets to Piazza de Ferrari across to Palazzo Bianco then down to the little market stalls outside Palazzi dei Rolli and finally the promenade to Acquario di Genova, personally the greatest aquarium I’ve been to so far.

I’d washed my hair a day before we travelled so I wouldn’t have to worry about packing any shampoo and conditioner which was a cinch at the airport. Though I would have definitely taken some styling products and my hair oil/Aloe Vera mix if I was checking in luggage. As for styling my hair, I pretty much kept it simple with my twists up in a bun due to being under the weather.

Natural Hair Travelling Tips

When it comes to flying I find that having your hair in a pre-style state like twists for a twist out the next day, works out really well. With the hustle and bustle of travelling I really don’t mind having my hair up in a bun or rocking a headscarf or turban through the airport and on the flight. I like to kick back and relax and not worry about what my hair is up to, those curls have a mind of their own sometimes.

Bucket list destinations

Next time I visit Genova I would definitely love to do the boat trip to Cinque Terre for a swim and some whale watching. The gorgeous fishing village has a coastline adorned with pastel coloured buildings planted into its rugged rock-face.

Having married a vicars son I’ve come to appreciate the art of ‘chancel hoping’ this is my own coined term of visiting cathedrals and Abbeys while on holiday. We went through so many while in Rome and I really enjoyed it. I take it up as a chance to be still and reflect amidst the busyness of being a tourist while at the same time appreciating the beauty and architecture of the building. San Fruttuoso is another destination I would love to visit, with its beautiful Abbey right by the beach. Just an hour walk away, though the hilly countryside, from the little village of Camogli or a short boat trip away, it’s the perfect escape with no actual roads that lead to it.

Finally food, there are so many eateries a stones’ throw away from the promenade. From the famous Focaccia di Genoa bread to the mussels and gelato; I plan on enjoying more delicious food next time I visit and hopefully be flu free so that I can.

With Luv x

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