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Hi! It’s about that time again, and I’ve got the absolute pleasure of featuring natural hair whisperer extraordinaire Sasha on frofanatic. I stumbled across her Instagram and fell in love with her and her beautiful family. Hope you enjoy her feature as much as I did. You can check out more of Sasha on here.


Hi all! My name is Sasha, 26-year-old soon to be 27. I live in the UK and I’m a stay at home mum of one

How long have you been growing your natural hair? 

I’ve been natural now for 5+ years. My journey has been pretty straight forward as I only got a relaxer at 13 so I knew my texture etc I chose to go natural because, well I got bored of the same old styles when my hair was straight. I transitioned for about 1.5 years then snipped the ends off.

What is it like having natural hair as a new mum? 

As a new mum having natural hair comes with patience especially if you want to do elaborate styles such as updos etc. But! it can be done.

What I do on a weekly basis is start off wash day when I take my shower in the morning or midday. Once I do this I apply my conditioner then wait for my other half to get home from work to wash out the conditioner etc. This way I know I could just finish the task at hand with little or no interruption. This has seemed to work for me so I can still be “fly” lol; after wash day, I will wear twists or a simple bun then get fancy over the weekend.



What’s been the most challenging thing about your natural hair journey and how did you remedy it? 

The only challenge I faced was after I gave birth I noticed my edges thinning a tad bit. So I increased the amount of castor oil I was using, took my prenatal vitamins, chose twistouts/ braidouts instead of buns (less stressful on edges) and this worked in my favour.

What’s your hair care regimen? 

Currently, I cowash/deep condition every week. Shampoo every two weeks. Every month or so I do a protein treatment. I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible without letting things slide.

Right now I’m loving flat twist styles. They’re so easy and will take little time around 10-20 minutes which is valuable to us mums. You can still look like you spent hours when really you didn’t.

What’s been your experience of using heat on your hair? 

I use heat sparingly. I straighten probably twice a year and blow-dry more. With blow-drying I always use the low or medium setting. I don’t blow-dry for bone straight hair I do it for stretch mainly to trim my hair. I tend to trim at least 4 times a year. Dead ends are a no no they do more harm than good.

My go to is the Tresemme heat defence spray it’s never let me down I’ve been using it for 4+ years. I’ve never experienced heat damage.

Have you ever had a ‘natural hair faux pa’

Luckily for me, the journey has been smooth sailing. No faux pa’s yet lol

What’s your go-to hairstyle and how do you achieve it?

Go to is a low pony. It’s convenient, easy but still cute. All you need is a good brush, ouchless bands and you’re good to go

Have you got any #TOP2015 products?

My top 2015 products are

Taliah Waajid Curly Cream(my all time fave)
Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la
Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Hair Mask
Castor oil has been huge to prevent the dreaded postpartum shedding and edge loss

Have you got a natural hair #Tip or #Trick? 

I add an oil to any deep conditioner I use. I heat it in the microwave for about 20seconds  then add it to the conditioner it gives my hair added shine and lustre.



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