Natural Hair FEATURE…

I’m absolutely so excited to have this chic natural hair beauty on the blog today. You can check out her natural flare on her youtube channel Nappturalguru or find her on instagram at Nappturalguru. Be sure to stop by and show some mad love.

My name is Lenar Nzui Blessing; I live in Naples,Florida and you can find me on ‘Youtube’ as Nappturalguru 

How long have you been growing your natural hair? 
I have been natural all my life, but I started properly taking care of my hair 3 years ago.

What’s been most challenging about your natural hair journey? 
 I’ve found that retaining my length and the constant battle of stubborn edges has been a battle. But I’ve recently been doing a Castor Oil challenge for about a month now and my edges have grown back. I kept applying Jamaican black castor oil to my hair and ‘voila’. To retain your edges I would also recommend avoid putting your hair in tight pony tails and buns.

Which products has your hair absolutely loved? 
My Hair absolutely loves my home-made whipped Shea butter. I use it to do my twists and if I want more definition I use Taliah Wajids Curling Cream.I absolutely love it!! I wash my hair with African Black Soap or diluted pure Dr Bronners Castile Soap. Currently however I’m on a ‘no soap’ washing routine.I only co-wash and clarify my hair with my Bentonite Clay Mixture and I always ACV(Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse with cold water to remove any build up.


‘My hair type is more like 4c/4z…

…Very kinky and super coily’

What’s been your experience on dying your Natural hair? 
I coloured my hair because I wanted a chic afro look; but I had the worst first experience; I went to a beauty school and they bleached my hair. The amount of dryness and change to my hair texture was pretty bad. If you’re a natural and thinking of colouring your hair I would definitely recommend the Shea Moisture Colouring System for Natural hair. It’s Ammonia and Sulphate free and doesn’t make your hair feel rough. I’ve also heard good things about Henna but I’m yet to try that.

What’s your go to protective style? 
My favourite go to protective hair style is twists whether loose or in up-dos, I love it!! Also since I have a crazy work schedule I’m definitely a fan of loose pony tail buns or a side swoop of hair to the front this helps prevent my edges from being ruined.
Have you got a natural hair #TIP or #TRICK? This can be anything from hairstyles to your hair wash routine
My #TIP would be DO NOT try to force a comb through your hair. Contrary to what others might think, natural hair is very fragile.I finger comb my hair and actually detangle my hair only on wash day if need be.I use the denman brush with every other line of bristle removed to prevent damaging my hair.It works wonders for my hair. DO deep condition at all times,even when your hair feels amazing.Always moisturize your hair .MOISTURIZE!MOISTURIZE!MOISTURIZE! And make water your best friend.
My go to #TRICK for wash day is: detangle your hair before hitting that shower. In my wash day routine I usually;
1. Part my hair in three sections
2. Spray water on each section
3. Add oil and cheap conditioner then detangle
In that order…It cuts down my wash day time tremendously.

Thank so much Lenar for sharing parts of your natural hair journey. Checkout the links below for more information on Natural hair products mentioned in this feature. As usual, hope this was helpful… It definitely was for me 🙂

Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Shea Butter recipes
Taliah Wajid Curling Cream
African Black Soap
Dr Bonner’s Castile Soap
Bentonite Clay
Shea Moisture Colour SystemWith Luv xx

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Hey there! I'm your average Jesus following, kenyan-Brit wife to a DIYproject/outdoor/science/adventure loving husband, mum to two overly energetic curly haired kids, natural hair enthusiast, who loves to think and write.

3 thoughts on “Natural Hair FEATURE…

  1. Hi Sheila,
    I am a newbie with the natural hair journey stuff, so am having a really hard time avoiding the combs and detangling hair with my hands. I am pretty much breaking all the rules.
    Anyway, what I want to know is, how do I get curls for my TWA without doing twist outs or bantu knots, especially on the edges? My hair is a 4a but has been behaving like a 4c-zish


  2. Hey anonymous 😊 I find that with TWAs it's all about the products you use for curl definition. A lot of people tend to use the finger coiling method on wet hair with a moisturizer as a base and gel (optional) then gently separating the coils when the hair is dry with a butter based product or even coconut oil. This works great on detangled hair, so don't fret too much about the comb. It's really down to using tools you feel help maintain healthy hair, if it works for you at the minute that's fine 😉 if you prefer a more organic route, there are tones of YouTube videos on how to make your own flax seed gel. I hope this has been helpful. Ps: Thanks for checking out the blog 😉


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