Bridal Natural Hair


If you’re a natural bride to be, you might have already trolled the internet in search of some inspiration on what to do with your hair. Whether you’ve been rocking your natural hair for a while or not long at all, the secret is you can rock whatever hairstyle you want on your wedding day. Having natural hair doesn’t exclude you from that privilege. Natural hair is a lot of fun to play with, celebrate it; whatever its length and whatever the occasion. So don’t panic, you’ve got this. You already know what styles suit you. As a natural bride you can wear your hair as natural as it comes, braided, locked or straightened; it’s down to you’re own preference.  

A Couple of things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding hair are the Dress and Head Piece.

If you haven’t already got the dress don’t worry, you can play around with different hair styles when going in for fittings. It’s a great chance to also try as many head pieces as possible to try and get an idea of what the final look will be.

With wedding hair I found that the biggest trick lies in the hair accessory. From flowers, to pins, combs, bands, and bridal fascinators. With a good hair accessory you can transform the most casual style into a wedding look.

If you’d like to wear you natural hair out, here are a few simple ideas.

The Bun is a modest look; it works great if you’re looking for something simple yet elegant. You can play around with a high or mid bun. They are great fun to accessories to.

The ‘Twist Out‘ (this is code for just letting your hair out) is a more care free hair style, you can just let your hair do what it wants to do. Big flowers make a great statement and compliment your hair whatever its length. I have to emphasize product is key if you want more curl definition, it also comes in handy when you’re trying to combat humidity. This can be a gel or cream of your choice. For less frizz play around with your hair as little as possible and be gentle when separating those curls.



The ‘UP DO’ is definitely out there, it’s very simple to create. Section your hair in two parts with the front smaller than the back. Pull up the rest of your hair into a high pony tail and release the rest of your hair. You can do a couple of things with the front, either sweep it to the side or loosely roll it up into a chignon.

You can checkout BGLH natural brides for more inspiration on natural do’s.

With Luv xx

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