Natural bridal hair wedding series


It’s finally here!!.. the start of the natural bridal hair wedding series. 
Last year my husband and I tied the knot ^.^ and it was by far the most memorable and beautiful beginning to our adventure together.The day was even more special, having been filled with hand made trinkets by family and friends; from the flower arrangements to the pots they were in, the bunting, cakes and even the bridal party accessories. The day would not have been the same without the love of family and friends who helped put it all together. Sharing these photos takes me right back to the day.. Sigh!! 


Right, so you’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with hair. Well I’ll tell you..

As a bride to be, so many things go through your head on the lead up to the wedding.. themes, the guest list, stationery, the dress, venue, food, catering, wedding party..gasp!!.. the list is endless. With all these other things to do, the one thing I couldn’t quite figure out and was petrified to even think about was ‘what to do with my hair.’ 

My natural bride journey was sealed the minute I decided to commit to being natural. I knew that I really wanted to walk down the isle rocking  my natural mane, the question left was how. I must have been to 6 different hair dressers trying to pin point my wedding natural hair style. I knew I wanted something simple to go with the dress and rustic country garden theme. I even toyed with the idea of having a Brazilian blowout but after much deliberation and scrolling through tonnes of reviews I … chickened out :/

It had been at least 4 years since I’d been to the hair dressers, I was nervous!! My first experience was questionable. I went to a named brand on recommendation of an afro hair specialist who proceeded to check my length by putting red hot straighteners to a section of my hair without putting any heat protection. I’m still dealing with the damage and least to say I definitely learned my lesson.The rest of the visits to others followed with pulling and breaking hair and I just couldn’t imagine having to go through that hustle on the morning of the wedding day; So I’d decided that ‘I’ was going to do my own wedding hair 😀 After all no one knows your hair the way you do right!?

I’d met my resolve a month before the big day and I was feeling pretty confident that it would be okay. I checked a few videos, there was scarcely anything on the internet when I searched for natural bridal hair. My resolve quickly begun to fade and before I knew it, it was a week to the wedding and I still had no idea what I was going to do. I hadn’t had time to play with hair that much, what with finalising wedding stuff to moving house a week before the wedding, I was stumped :O

But on the wedding morning I took my twists out after having rocked a twist out the day before and deiced to lightly straighten my hair. I’d thought about wearing it up so I didn’t mind a little frizz. All I kept thinking was I didn’t want to damage it with heat after all, I was only going to wear it that way for a day. So I played around with my hair until I got the desired style and had help pinning it in place. At this point I was more concerned about time, there was no way I was going to be late. When I went down for breakfast with my mummy and aunties before getting the dress on, I was amazed to find out that my great grandmother had worn the exact same hairstyle to her wedding, this definitely made my morning.. I was ready more than ready..

All the stress fear and doubt about how to wear my hair had melted away. It’s amazing how things come together. If you’re a natural bride to be and are feeling anxious about what to do with your hair; remember its just for a day and you’ll look beautiful no matter what look you choose to rock.

My husband and I got married that day and nothing else seemed to matter 🙂 We partied hard and a lot of people said how they loved what my hair looked like, even those that were not sold on the whole natural hair bride thing.

Now that I’ve shared my own natural bride journey with you, I thought it’d be fun if I also put up some natural bridal hairstyle ideas. So look out for that soon. Hope this has been helpful. Congratulations to those getting married, if you’re a bride to be I hope this has been helpful if you’re panicking about a hairstyle for the wedding day. Remember you’ll look beautiful no matter what… AFTER ALL ITS YOUR WEDDING DAY ^.^

With Luv xx

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