Moisture and Natural Hair

Importance Of Moisture For Natural Hair
…Protein treatments..

Hey guys!! This month I’d like to share some of the ways you can maintain moisture in natural hair. Moisture is key in the health and maintenance of those lovely locks. Some characteristics of good mosturised hair are:  
  1. good elasticity in Afro hair (if you ping your hair does it spring back instead of stretching or snapping)
  2. Soft (this doesn’t necessarily mean straight or oily, just not brittle)
  3. healthy shine
  4. Pliable (hair that’s not matted) 

Maintaining moisture in hair helps with keeping it healthy and with length retention. If you notice that your hair is beginning to lack some of the above traits then it might be time to show your hair some TLC to replenish moisture. 
There are so many simple ways to keep you hair mosturised. Adding oils to your hair doesn’t necessarily moisturise it, rather oils are great for sealing in moisture after washing your hair or when re moisturising it with water. 

 Here are some of the methods I use to maintain moisturised hair for as long as possible :

 Protein treatments
Protective styles
 Pre-Poos (pre-shampoo)
 Water Spritz and sealing it with an oil. 

I’ll be talking a bit more about each of these in future blogs. If you missed it checkout my post on my protective style. I’ll be putting posts up on some Protein Treatments and why I think they’re great for getting your hair to bounce back to life. With natural hair you might tend to notice breakage, dry strands, loss of elasticity and a lot of tangling especially when your hair isn’t as moisturized. I’ll be looking at both home made and commercial protein treatments.

Trick: You can also replenish moisture in you hair by using the ‘baggy method‘. Spritz your hair with some water, seal it with an oil of your choice and stick a plastic cap on (or cling film, wink!!) for half an hour or so. I like to stick a head scarf or wrap on top to get on with my day.

Hope this helps 🙂

With Luv xx


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