Hey guys!! Here are a few ways I tried to dress up my natural hair while in its protective style. You can play around with lots of different accessories and creative styles.
Look 1: This was an old necklace I found, I’m thinking, a bit of DIY to turn it into an African inspired head piece.

Look 2: You can use any old fabric and turn it into a cute head tie. Naptural85 has an amazing DIY tutorial on DIY wire headbands and Bun wire ties. You can check it out here Naptural85


Look 3: Those chunky twists can make a statement all by themselves. Pick a style that accentuates them.

Look 4: Another fun way to style your twists would be to do a twist out at the front and style it into a victory roll while the rest of your hair is still in twists. This helps maintain the protective style for your natural hair.

Look 5: Have fun and play around with those twists, you never know what style might come up.

Look 6: Head scarves and big statement earrings are another way to dress up your  protective style. It can start to feel a bit mundane when you have a protective style over a long period of time. Playing around with different accessories and styles gives you a different look breaking up the monotony a little bit.

For a neater look you can use a comb to section your twists. I like to finger part my hair cause it’s quicker as I usually twist my hair up in the shower after shampooing and conditioning.

Hope this helped. Have fun with your hair 🙂 If you’ve got a protective style you’d like to share on the blog send me an email with a picture of your protective style.

With Luv xx

Published by frofanaticsheila

Hey there! I'm your average Jesus following, kenyan-Brit wife to a DIYproject/outdoor/science/adventure loving husband, mum to two overly energetic curly haired kids, natural hair enthusiast, who loves to think and write.

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