Why CUT Natural Hair



I had an interesting weekend, it all started with a new hair cut. It’s so disheartening when you’re constantly plagued by those tenacious  knots and scissors are the only way out. I blame myself entirely!! I haven’t had a trim for over a year and with the condition my hair was in.. Split ends gallore!! my hair very quickly started breaking off a lot closer to my roots. The split ends, especially around my edges, had moved up my hair…


So I thought I’d share my little trim… ‘cough’ (more like mini Big chop)… adventure with you.


Friday…a little after 1100 hrs… I was FINGER detangling my hair pre ‘wash day’ and the knots were, as usual, trying every ounce of patience I had left in me. I’d sectioned my hair into 8 parts when I came across a tuft of hair at the back of my head that had some crazy split ends. I really didn’t think about it much as I grabbed the hair scissors… the ends were silky smooth before I knew and it was far too tempting to pass up the chance to have my whole head with ends such as these. It wasn’t nearly as satisfying to just have one little section of hair with flawless ends, I had to commit and follow this crazy plan through :O

 So the rest as they say, is history 🙂

A year..no!! a month ago I would have absolutely screamed at the thought of loosing that much length in one go; but the time had come and I realised the pros greatly outweighed the cons.

So here are a few of the crazy reasons that drove me to such liberating madness..

Ps: before going along with this hook line and sinker, I feel obligated to encourage you to see whether your hair actually needs a cut or not, mine without a doubt did. Everyone’s hair is different. Also if possible and/or necessary, get your hair cut by a professional unless you’ve ventured into this uncharted territory unsupervised before. Ha!! sounds a little bit like a disclaimer… …. ….. Aaannnyhooo!!…


#1 Split Ends

‘The Longer you wait for to rid your hair of split ends the higher the likelihood that split ends will turn into split hair strands that are even more damaged’. I’d waited too long and noticed my hair begun to break away, sorry if I sound like a broken record. Moisturising and tucking my ends a way helped me drag out the inevitable for as long as I possibly could.

#2 Damaged Hair

I used to be a sucker for heat, and I noticed that the strength of my hair improved drastically once I cut heat out. Some people might have hair that’s more susceptible to heat, that is A okay but I realised that my hair however was the complete opposite. Straightening my hair frequently meant that I was promoting damaged hair and though I eventually cut heat out of my regiment, I was still left with some irreversible damage. Ps: be sure to get some heat protection if you do prefer to straighten your hair, to prevent burnt, damaged/weakened hair.

#3 For The Love of Hair

It took me a while to get over my ‘hangup’ over length, okay that;s  putting it mildly..obsession.. I was devastated once when I had a huge hair malfunction; it involved being really lazy no detanlging, a bun, wash and go with some damaging shampoo result gigantic hair knot/dreadlocks. I looked like one of those cartoons that had had a bad run with the lawnmower. I was upset for days, I even secretly contemplated keeping the tuft of hair as memorabilia…clearly, It was a moment, I stress ‘moment’ of weakness that quickly passed. I’ve moved on since then. Learning new ways to look after my hair while promoting growth: moisturising, finger detanling and no heat, has left me feeling confident that healthy hair is much better than unhealthy lengthy hair.

So there you have it, my three reasons to cut/trim natural hair.

If I’m completely honest, cutting my hair so drastically was partially motivated by the ease of tending to hair at this length. Long hair is hard work but if its tangle free and those ends aren’t a complete nightmare then I think it’s definitely manageable.

So here’s to happy healthy hair…with luscious ends!!

With Luv xxxx


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Hey there! I'm your average Jesus following, kenyan-Brit wife to a DIYproject/outdoor/science/adventure loving husband, mum to two overly energetic curly haired kids, natural hair enthusiast, who loves to think and write.

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