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Deep Breath… Here goes nothing…

So, after much deliberation and even more procrastination, I decided to take the plunge and give this blogging thing a shot. I’m not big on commitments that involve sticking to a plan, or making resolutions, so the only way I thought I’d get around this is if I slightly lied to myself about how easy it would be J But in case that plan doesn’t work, knowing my track record, cause I get very easily distracted ……. …….
“if my scalp had a mind of its, own it probably 
would have thought I got a kick out of torturing it”
….I thought it’d probably be best to keep things really simple and focus on just one of the many things I’m very passionate about and have grown to embrace over time. Natural Hair!!
I was born in Kenya and moved to the U.K 3 days before my 17th birthday. I always had a love-hate relationship with my hair, the first few years were pretty rough, bordering on traumatic, and at the age of Six after lots of tears and tantrums and fending off hairdressers trying to keep me in the ‘dreaded chair’; my mum and aunts finally gave in huzzah!! My chemical hair journey began. Over the years my hair had lots of breakage, stunted growth and if my scalp had a mind of its own, it probably would’ve thought I got a kick out of torturing it every 6 months.
It wasn’t until I’d moved to England when I started to seriously contemplate going natural. Between the stresses of forking out atrocious amounts of money at the hairdressers and leaving even more dissatisfied than when I came in I figured I’d better cut my losses and consider my other options…
Long story short!! I began my natural hair journey and I haven’t looked back…Okay, sometimes! Only when I’ve had really bad hair days… Okay so a few times, but! This journey has taught me that going natural is not for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely worth it. My experience with my natural hair for the past 6 years has been a lot more rewarding than all my years of chemical hair combined. More so in the last three years since I started my no heat regiment… I’ve learned a lot and changed many attitudes I’ve had over the past year about hair textures and length.
Whether hair is natural or not it still needs the love and attention you give to the rest of your body, it’s all about balance. Also, it’s worth remembering that there’s a lot more to life than hair J
So this blog ‘FROFANATIC’ is simply me sharing my journey!! the tears, tricks and tips and the happy moments to. I hope that whoever stumbles across this blog will be inspired encouraged and uplifted to embrace their natural hair and discover its many potentials…. Enjoy!!
With luv xxx

Published by frofanaticsheila

Hey there! I'm your average Jesus following, kenyan-Brit wife to a DIYproject/outdoor/science/adventure loving husband, mum to two overly energetic curly haired kids, natural hair enthusiast, who loves to think and write.

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Heeeeeyy!!! 🙂 This year i decided i shall go bak 2 natural hair, this is my 3rd month n so far it aint bad. i have been watching videos on youtube of pple who have done the same, how they did it, e products they used, the steps they tuk n the final results n their stories are amazing and inspiring. i just hope i will not give up half way n b able 2 go bak 2 all natural. i don't plan on chopping it all off coz truth is i'd miss my hair i plan on letting it grow n the perm 2 isha by itself as slow as this will be i think it is my best option. but i will be following ur blog 4 inspiration 🙂 i really love the way ur hair looks ryt now and this is what i am aiming for wish me luck


  2. Hey Quinter…Aaaw yay!! congratulations on transitioning ^.^ it's a hard slog but definitely worth it. It started the exact same way for me, I didn't want to cut my hair off so instead did protective styles and trimmed it every so often to help stop my natural hair breaking as well.. will put some posts up on transitioning… I found that my hair was at it's most vulnerable cause of trying to work with two different hair textures but it worked. I still haven't done a big chop but definitely have it one the cards in a year or so. So glad you'll be following, really means a lot to have your support…will keep you posted.. Here's to healthy natural hair 😀 XOXOX


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